“We don’t know how serious is damage to the economy”

TBILISI(BPI)- “We are now entering a very serious crisis, but do not yet know what will be  the outcome of the crisis. Nobody has made a diagnosis yet, and we don’t know how  serious is damage to the economy, everything will be clear in 1,5-2 months,” Irakli Iashvili, Direcotr of the East Gate Group, says.

According to Iashvili, it’s difficult to specify  numbers and means of mitigating the crisis, but now the companies that are not engaged in imports need support the most.

 “The state should stimulate manufacturers with  a minimum share of imports and a maximum added value. If companies produce something useful for the country using  local materials and raw materials,  the government  should stimulate them  first of all, ”the businessman believes.


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