“Our company had worked for ten years but was stopped artificially, we hope someday monopolies will end ” – Laura Gachava

TBILISI(BPI)- ” I ask all the governments, including the current one and that will be soon, do not interfere and give us the opportunity to work. Our textile company had been working for 10 years until was closed by the Ministry of Economy. We do not rely on the government, and we will support any that will give us a chance to work,” businesswoman Laura Gachava says.


In Laura Gachava’s words,  300 people were left without work, but the government doesn’t allow her  to start another business.


“The factory is shut down, people are left without work. We received orders from Europe and sewed 5 000 jackets in 10 days. We can still restore working and give people a chance to work, ”she notes.



During the pandemic, the company was set to start manufacturing face  masks, purchased the equipment, but has not been given a chance to enter the local market.


“We were not included in the government program to provide Tbilisi with masks, this market is almost completely monopolized by the government-linked company  ,” Laura Gachava explains.


Still, the businesswoman hopes that in the current difficult situation the government will support the business that will  pay  to the budget as much as possible.


In February 2020, Сartu Bank winded up the factory that owed it money.


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