The number of customers has not decreased amid the lari’s collapse and the pandemic – AgroHub

TBILISI(BPI)- “Our chain sells high quality, natural and healthy, but at the same time  inexpensive products. Our company is different from its direct or indirect competitors having  a lot of advantages, ” Executive Director at the AgroHub chain Giorgi Janiashvili says.

According to Janiashvili, despite the pandemic and the lari’s devaluation, the number of clients has not decreased. 60% of the products sold in AgroHub are local that allowed  to avoid a significant price hikes. Thus  in the near future prices will not be revised.


“Our products are mainly aimed at people with middle and high incomes, but we also offer  products to  all segments,” he  explains.


Pandemic has affected various segments of the population differently but during the lockdown, demand for AgroHub’s products not only did not decrease, but increased drastically.



“We’ve avoided price increases, and do not plan to revise prices in the nearest future, ” Giorgi Janiashvili notes.


Executive Director at AgroHub believes that 2021 will be a difficult due to a very high competition in the Georgian hypermarket market.


“We plan to actively develop, and it’s not excluded that new branches will be opened in 2021. We occupy our own niche in the market and have our own loyal consumers, ” Giorgi Janiashvili adds.

The company has its own farms, a milk processing enterprise where natural dairy products are produced, pastry shops, its own bakeries that creates advantages over other companies.

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