“Georgian national air carriers need much more state support than they currently have”

TBILISI(BPI)- “Georgian national air carriers need much more state support than they have now,” Lasha Papashvili, vice president of the Business Association of Georgia (BAG), says.

According to Papashvili, Georgian Airlines – Airzena has long been demanding the government subsidies.  This is a serious and controversial issue, but it is clear that Georgian carriers need to strengthen their positions and the state must support them.

Georgian Airlines should be encouraged, though the requirements should be rational and reasonable. If  the company needs state support and presents a strategic plan, then it can be supported, ”Lasha Papashvili believes.

“We must know what Georgian carriers need-  capital, subsidies, marketing assistance, political assistance when entering foreign markets, or something else. The Association is lobbyist; this is our first task. But to lobby something  – we need to know  what is offered and only then make concrete decisions, ” Lasha Papashvili notes.


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