Domino pizza sales fell by 50%

TBILISI(BPI)- Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, sales of the Domino pizza chain have halved, Mikheil Alkhanishvili, the company CEO, says.

“During quarantine, we actively delivered pizza to homes, but we still couldn’t avoid losses. It is difficult to specify figures but sales have fallen by 50% and we are suffering  losses. We have not cut the staff  since work on delivery allowed us to continue operating, ”he explains.

In Alkhanishvili’s words, catering facilities need the state support in several ways.

“First of all, it concerns loan repayment benefits, and the mayor’s office can free restaurants from paying rent for the use of the outdoor spaces . Both of these steps can greatly ease our financial situation that is very important for us. Apart from that, we need an understanding from the utility company that  even during the quarantine turned off the light, water and gas in case of non-payment. This is very important, because  the catering sector employs a lot of people and  we pay considerable taxes to the budget. The sooner we are able to recover and begin normal work, the sooner we will be able to pay taxes  to the budget, ”Mikhail Alkhanashvili stresses.

He believes that compliance with epidemiological safety standards is quite doable but excessive.


“It is difficult to follow these recommendations, but possible, however, I think that they are excessive and require too much finances that will certainly worsen the situation of the business,” he notes.

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