“Tourism industry must be restored gradually in compliance with safety standards”

TBILISI(BPI)- CGeorgia’s tourism industry must be restored gradually in compliance with safety standards, the head of the National Tourism Administration Mariam Kvrivishvili says.

“The Ministry of Health, jointly with the private sector, have developed the regulations for the hotels. Before opening all hotels will be inspected and only after that they will be allowed to work. The criteria are quite strict and very important – the tourism industry should be revived in such a way  as not to harm the safety of both Georgian citizens and tourists. the prevention of coronavirus is our primary task, ” Kvrivishvili notes.


She believes that the regulations to be performed by the hotel sector are not complicated and expensive.


“We took into account the requests of the business that the regulation should be serious and sufficient to prevent the virus, but at the same time reasonable. The measures include social distancing, the adoption of security measures that will be sufficient to stop the spread of the virus, ” Mariam Kvrivishvili says.


For example, inside the hotel, tourists will have to wear masks and keep social  distancing with other guests and staff.


“Distancing is becoming our everyday reality, and concerns  also tourists. Regulations for restaurants are also introduced such as wearing masks and distancing will also be mandatory. The distance between the tables will be at least 2 meters. Regulations have been adopted for cleaning hotel rooms, ” Kvrivishvili explains.

The hotels will have to follow safety regulations in the swimming pools.

“The tourism administration has developed a special training program that will assist hotels in training the staff. This will be a free service, which will allow the hotel sector to adapt to innovations and start accepting tourists as soon as possible, ”she points out.


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