Gov’t should mitigate tax burdens for business

TBILISI(BPI)- Tamaz Daushvili, CEO at  the company Dio, believes that business development in Georgia is hindered by  several factors such as  the lack of political stability, problems in the judicial system, fluctuations in the national currency and a

“It is very difficult to find qualified personnel  as the vocational education system works very poorly,” he says.

According to Daushvili, the government should fulfilled its promise to implement the “House of Business” project, which would combine all business-related  public  services on  ‘one window‘ principle

“This is very important, as businesses often have to go through various bureaucratic procedures, ” Tamaz Daushvili explains.

The businessman also believes that  the tax burden should be  mitigated for  business as the pension reform  increased expenses of companies, and  in his opinion, the state should cover this part of expenses.

“Georgia actually sees economic  slowdown, and amid  the national currency’s devaluation , the expected  growth of 4, 7% is almost unrealistic,” Tamaz Daushvili stresses.

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