Economic difficulties cause problems to the club business in Georgia

TBILISI(BPI)- Georgia is often mentioned as one of the world centers of the club movement, clubs are a very important part of both the entertainment industry and the tourism business.

high level of development of this industry is confirmed by the fact that the Russian embargo which  caused significant damage to the country’s economy hasn’t almost affected the club business.

“Tourists who are not afraid of the travel embargo visit our club,” – they say in the club Khidi commenting on the effect of  Russia’s travel  sanctions against Georgia.

They say  the share of Russians among the club’s visitors was insignificant.

The owner of the night club Mtkvari Keta Gabunia has a similar  opinion in this regard. She notes that  Russians come in  Georgia  not for club entertainment.

“We did not lose the segment of Russian tourists that came to us, they continue to come to us. These are mainly young people who come here to have fun, they have friends here and political conflicts don’t  affect them, ”she says.

Gabunia adds that  compared to last year, the number of tourists has decreased  but slightly.

We have a lot of foreign guests and  often contact with hotels , they  say that their sales have decreased by 80%. The Russian embargo did not affect Georgia’s club life in any way, ” Keta Gabunia notes.

In her words, clubs are facing  difficulties due to the difficult economic situation in the country.

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