Most tourists came in Georgia from Azerbaijan and Armenia in January 2020

TBILISI(BPI)- In January 2020, 633,201 international travelers visited Georgia that is  19.8% more compared to January of the previous year. The number of international visitors reached 523,689 that is 86,471 more than in 2019 (a 19.8% growth). The number of tourist visits totaled  363,614 that is 57,675 more than in January 2019. (a 18.9% growth).

The information was provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia to the National Tourism Administration at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.


Detailed statistics for January 2020 are as follows: Most of the international visitors came from Azerbaijan (+ 34.9%), Armenia (+ 17.5%), Russia (+ 1.1%) and Turkey (+ 16.6%).

The positive trend is observed  from the EU countries. The number of international visits increased from  Italy – by  133.1%, Poland – by  82.9%, France – by  46.8%, Lithuania – by  43.7% and others.

In January 2020, a significant increase was recorded from the following countries: Israel + 57.3%, Saudi Arabia + 49.8%, Kazakhstan + 44.8%, Kuwait + 44.6% and others.

According to preliminary data, Georgia’s international tourism revenue in 2019 amounted to $ 3.3 billion (+ 1.4%) that is  47 million  more than last  year. As of December 2019, international travel revenue in Georgia made  $ 217 million (+5.4%) that is 11 million more compared to last  year.

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