Georgia’s domestic exports fell by 1.7%

TBILISI(BPI)- In January-March 2020, the volume of exports of goods from Georgia (excluding undeclared exports) amounted to $ 778.2 million that is 5.9 percent less compared with the previous year. Exports without re-exports (domestic exports) accounted for 69.3 percent of total exports that is  1.7 percent less compared to the same period of last year and amounted to $ 539.5 million- the National Statistical Office reports.

In January-March 2020, the ten largest export partners accounted for 79.6 percent in Georgia’s total local exports which include  China ($ 97.1 million), Bulgaria ($ 83.1 million) and Russia ($ 82.6 million).

According to Sakstat, in January-March 2020, copper ores and concentrates are Georgia’s top export commodities which exports amounted to  $ 159.0 million and makes 29.5 percent of total exports. The exports of ferroalloys totaled $ 58.0 million and make 10.8 percent in the total exports. The natural grape wines exports are the third in the list and  totals $ 44.1  million making  8.2 percent of the total exports.

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