“The suspended HPP projects must be resumed”- GNERC

TBILISI(BPI)- “Georgia is rich in water resources, hydropower is cheaper than all other types of electricity, and if it is not developed, the country will see tariff growth. The Georgian National Electricity Regulatory Commission will be forced to revise tariffs, ” David Narmania, the chair of GNERC , says.

Narmania believes that power engineers have their own tasks, environmentalists have their own and they do not always coincide, but the coexistence of these two sectors often provides very good results.

“None  of the parties should refuse to negotiate and take radical positions. If any HPP project arises questions from an environmental point of view, they must be answered. Before being built, experts draw conclusions and if hydroelectric power stations do not cause harm to nature they must be built. This concerns the suspended  projects too, ”he notes.


Narmania believes that the construction of large hydropower plants is the only way to achieve the country’s energy independence.


“To make  the country’s energy sector strong, we should reduce the dependence on electricity imports that can’t be achieved without  building new HHPs taking into account the environmental component,” David Narmania points out.


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