Number of travelers from the EU up 15%

TBILISI(BPI)- In the last week of July, the number of tourists from EU countries increased by 15% – TBC research says.

The most notable growth was observed  in the number of travelers  from Germany – 67%, Britain – 35%, Poland – 71%, Spain – 5.9% compared  with the same period of 2018.

the study shows that on average German tourists spend GEL 2 046 per trip, Polish – GEL 2 183,  the travelers from the UK- GEL  3 189, Spanish —GEL  2,541.

This figure almost two-fold exceeds the expenses of visitors from neighboring post-Soviet countries – in particular, tourists from Russia spend an average of GEL 1,253 per trip, travelers from Armenia and Azerbaijan even less .

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