Grain imports by trucks not to be banned

TBILISI(BPI)- When making a right decision, the government must announce about it to reassure those whom it concerns, ” Levan Silagava, the head of the Grain Importers Association, says commenting on the Georgian government’s decision that grain imports by trucks would not be banned.

The ban was considered a few months ago and  caused protests from businesses who are engaged in grain imports in small quantities by trucks, while large players import grain by rail and by sea.

According to Silagava, the ban was canceled on August 29, the document says about the abolition of decree # 290 while drivers may not have an idea what it is decree # 290.

“Drivers were preparing to start large-scale protests against the ban that was scheduled to enter into force on October 1. As it turned out, the ban was lifted but we were not informed about this, ” Levan Silagava notes.

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