Azerbaijan is the largest exporter to Georgia, Turkey -the importer in January-March

TBILISI(BPI)- According to the National Statistical Office of Georgia, in January-March 2020   Georgia’s  foreign trade turnover (without undeclared trade) amounted to USD 2 773.9 million which is  2.7 percent less than in the corresponding period of the previous year.

Exports amounted to USD  778.2 million (5.9 percent less) and import – USD  1 995.8 million (1.4 percent less).

Negative trade balance in January-March made up  USD  1 217.6 mln or  43.9 percent of foreign trade turnover.

In January-March 2020, the share of the ten largest exporting countries in Georgia’s total exports amounted to 77.9 percent. The first place in the largest export trio is held by Azerbaijan ($121.9 million), followed by China – $ 99.9 million and Russia – $ 91.2 million.

According to preliminary data, in the first three months of 2020, the share of the ten largest import partner countries made 69.8 percent in Georgia’s total imports. The top three includes: Turkey – $ 348.3 million, Russia – $ 210.1 million and Azerbaijan – $ 184.3 million.

the National Statistical Office reports that  in January-March 2020, the share of the ten largest trading partners made  71.1 percent in Georgia’s total foreign trade turnover. The country’s largest trading partners are: Turkey – $ 402.2 million, Azerbaijan – $ 306.2 million and $ Russia – 301.4 million.

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