Shuakhevi Hydro Power Plant Commences Commercial Production 

Tbilisi (BPI) –  Shuakhevi Hydro Power Plant (HPP), has started commercial production of electricity. Skhalta HPP, which is also part of the overall scheme of the Shuakhevi project is also expected to start operation by the end of spring.  Shuakhevi HPP has been developed by  Norway’s Clean Energy Invest, Tata Power from India and, International Financial Corporation  – IFC. The Project represents the only project in the energy sector which has been funded by three of the largest financial institutes such as European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Asian Development Bank (ADB) and IFC.

Mr. Prashant Joshi, CEO of Adjaristsqali Georgia LLC, Said, ‘’Shuakhevi Hydro Power Plant has successfully passed the pre-operation stage and has commenced commercial operation meaning that the Georgian population is already receiving the electricity generated by us. Skhalta HPP will also start operation in a couple of months after which Shuakhevi HPP cascade will operate with its full capacity. We believe, Shuakhevi HPP will be important part of the Georgian energy system in Georgia’s pursuit towards energy independence.“

Shuakhevi Hydro Power Project comprising of the 178 MW Shuakhevi HPP and 9 MW Skhalta HPP represents the largest and most influential energy project in the last 70 years.  Shuakhevi Hydro Power Plant will generate about 450 GWh clean energy while reducing the country’s dependence on imported energy by increasing domestic electricity production as also reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by more than 200,000 tons per year.

Together with other renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power stations, Shaukehevi HPP is poised to become Georgia’s main energy link to achieve energy independence.

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