Gov’t cannot solve a water supply problem in Kakheti

TBILISI(BPI)- Tea Karagozishvili is one of the owner of a family-type hotel in Signagi. She has been involved  in the business for many years, it’s the main source of income for her family. Sighnaghi is an attractive place for tourists and a guest house business is a popular activity in the town. But water scarcity is the main problem of Kakheti and Sighnaghi in particular, that directly causes damage to private business:

Lack of regular water supply  deters tourists, causes discomfort, expense and obstacles for the local residents.

The problem started years ago lasts from spring until the late fall. During this period, ie tourist season, water is supplied to hotels and to the whole of Kakheti according to schedule.

Tea Karagozishvili, founder of the family type  hotel Three Gracias, says that a tourist often arrives in Signagi for  5 days but leaves the town in two days:

“Everybody tries to solve the water problem himself. I personally own a 2-ton reservoir and fill it in the morning. When people ask the municipality when the problem will be solved, they respond that now something is repaired. If that continues, then all tourists  will really run away.”

The problem is acute  at the  popular resort of  Tsinandali. The founder of Family House notes  that the hotel can’t  operate without water tanks:

“Water  supply is a problem for everyone. Personally I have installed tanks  and my visitors  use them. Water is supplied for 3-4 hours a day and we have to collect water during this time. ”

Governor of Kakheti Irakli Kadagishvili does not have an exact answer when the  water problem in Kakheti will be solved. In his words,  a special program is being developed to solve the problem gradually. The project will be launched next year and will cover  only a few villages at the first stage.

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