Georgia sees a decline in aviation oil imports in January-August

TBILISI(BPI)- The Union of Oil Products Importers estimates the oil products market. According to the Union, the import of aviation oil  amounted to 38,5 thousand tons, which is 37,0 thousand tons or 49,0% less than in the same period of last year (75,5 thousand tons).

In August 2020 aviation oil imports amounted to 2,3 thousand tons, which is 4,9 thousand tons or 58,1% less than in July (7,2 thousand tons) and 10,5 thousand tons or 82,0% compared with the same period of last year (12,8 thousand tons).

According to the countries, in August  2020  65,2% (1,5 thousand tons) of  aviation oil was imported from Turkmenistan and 34,8% (0,8 thousand tons) – from Turkey.

In January-August of this year, 80,0% (30,8 thousand tons) of aviation oil was imported from Turkmenistan, 14.3% (5.5 thousand tons) – from Turkey, 5.7% (2.2 thousand tons) – from Romania, 0.1% (0.03 thousand tons) – from Egypt.


The decline in imports of aviation oil is caused by the suspension of flights due to COVID-19 outbreak.

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