Fake draft wine is in high demand in Georgia due to low cost

TBILISI(BPI)-  Despite Georgian restaurants often openly serve fake draft wine, it is still in high demand due to its low cost – moreover, Georgia   consumes more draft wine than bottled.

Clients of expensive restaurants prefer quality bottled wine, in middle-class establishments it is much less popular due to its  high cost.

The other day, independent MP Levan Koberidze said that sometimes not so much grapes of certain types are grown in Georgia, how much wine is produced that confirms  a variety of forged wines in large quantities.

The Georgian market is full of draft, as it is called, “family” wine. Is there a direct link between fake wine produced for the local market and the cost of grapes? Could a reduction in  the scale of fake draft wine increase the demand for grapes  that will cause  price rise?

According to director of Telavi Wine Cellar Zurab Ramazashvili, forged  wine is a serious problem today. in his words,  one of the ways to combat it is to tighten control, including licensing of objects selling draft wine.

“No one can forbid farmers to produce their wine and sell it , but they should sell their product in facilities that will meet the standards such as wine storage, temperature, etc, ”he explains.

CEO at Schuchmann Wines Georgia, Nutsa Abramishvili notes that  demand and supply determine market price and the state cannot control everything.

“Restaurants buy wine from peasants that is a very serious support for micro-business. Restaurants that are designed for the average client prefer to buy cheap white wine, ” she notes.

The government does not have the resources and sufficient control mechanisms to control  and check the domestic wine produced in thousands of families.


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