Public sector pay rose by 3.6 percent, non-state sector pay by 8.1 percent – Sakstat

TBILISI(BPI)- “In 2018, the average monthly salary of hired employees in the business sector increased by 8 percent and amounted to GEL 1 101.3. The highest salaries are registered  in professional, scientific and technical activities (GEL 1 910.1, annual growth 8.5 percent), construction (GEL 1 560.5, annual growth makes  5.9 percent).

In 2018, the average monthly salary  in the non-productive and financial sector increased by 4.7 percent to GEL 1 008.1. Кelatively high salaries were registered in the financial, insurance, as well as public administration and defense sectors, ” the National Statistical Office says.

According to Sakstat, the average monthly wage of public sector employees are GEL 271.9 lower than in the public sector in 2018.

Compared to 2017, wages increased by 3.6 percent in the public sector and by 8.1 percent in the private  sector, amounting to GEL 892.1 and GEL 1,164 respectively.

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