“Lending regulations are not planned to be softened at the stage”

TBILISI(BPI)- “Lending regulations are not planned to be softened at the stage,” Alexander Dzneladze, President of the Association of Banks of Georgia, says.

 In Dzneladze’s words, the central  bank changed the standards for  mortgage lending allowing banks to evaluate the solvency of potential buyers of apartments using  internal models, but in consumer lending this approach will not be introduced.

“The National Bank has not yet published the reports of commercial banks in the past six months, but there are reasonable expectations that the growth rates of mortgage lending will decline significantly. A decline is expected in the  consumer lending as well, ” President  of the Association of Banks notes.

Dzneladze adds that  the regulations are much more loyal for car loans, since leasing does not provide for any control over customer’s income.


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