Smaller Wineries Make Better Wines Than Large Companies

TBILISI(BPI)- Small companies produce better wines than major ones”, Levan Chubinidze, one of the founders of the Wine Tourism Association, noted. Winemaking companies that own small wineries manufacturer better products compared to major industrial companies, he said.

Today, winemaking companies compete in terms of quality level. It is very food that various wine exhibitions  are held in the country, but separate meetings should be organized so as the companies set up business relations.

Family wines are directly associated with natural wines, as compared to products of big industrial companies, he noted.

“Interventions in vineyards require much expenditure. The big companies possess more resources to pay more in fertilizers and consequently, receive more wines. Family winegrowers who are not oriented on sales make better wines because of chemical non-intervention”, Chubinidze said.

The wine tourism association founder talks about the importance of infrastructure for wine tourism development and necessity of training people involved in the sector.

Georgia is a country of wine tourism and comprises serious potential of development in this respect, but we should perform much job, including bring the infrastructure in order, train staffs and this will be a correct investment that will definitely bring results. Families involved in this sector and winemakers are sure they will receive real benefits, Levan Chubinidze noted.

Almost all winemaking companies contribute to the wine tourism development, because everybody knows that this direction comprises huge potential. The Georgian wine has serious perspectives for success, Chubinidze said.

“When we take more serious steps on the international market, we will be able to offer valuable competition on the global market”, Chubinidze said.

The Caucasus Business Week (CBW) has inquired opinion of both major and small winemaking companies. According to the survey, representatives of winemaking companies, despite their scales, noted that high-quality and natural wines are made in Georgia, both at family wine cellars or major wineries.

Zurab Ramazashvili, chairman of the Telavi Wine Cellar supervisory board, explains that similar statements are  absolutely incompetent in the winemaking field. Similar statements comprise even abusing elements, he added.

“I believe this is an incorrect statement, because it humiliates the business”, Ramazashvili noted.

Lado Uzunashvili, founder of Megvineoba Mucado winemaking company, says that his company was founded 2 years before and produces 100% of products for exports. It is  a foolish statement as if major companies produce lower quality wines compared to smaller ones. Our company is not a big one, but I could not betray the giants that represent the image of Georgian wine and I cannot agree with this statement, he said.

«It is famous that major winemaking companies produce genuinely good products. This is a one-eyed statement. Similar statements must not undermine big companies. Similar statements are destructive», Uzunashvili said.

As to wine tourism development, this direction will become priority for our company  in near future, he said.

“When my company manages to satisfy the standard of a wine tourist, as a consumer, I will develop this direction”, Uzunashvili noted.

Aleksandre Kharebava, head of Megvineoba Khareba company says that wine tasting is an only indicator in this respect and everything will be clarified.

“Besides taste  properties, number of company medals and diplomas should be also taken into account. This is the biggest indicator, but the simplest way is to make conclusion by tasting wines”, Kharebava noted.

Irakli Talakhadze, director for Kindzmarauli Marani noted that he cannot make comments regarding the statement because he had not heard about this statement. Badagoni company representative Gia Shengelia also refrained from making comments.

Giorgi Margvelashvili, one of the founders of TbilVino company has also abstained from commenting this statement.

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