Reporters Banned to Attend FCTC Event in Delhi

TBILISI(BPI)-Reporters were banned to attend the event that proceeds in Delhi as part of  Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the CBW journalist reports from Delhi.

According to CBW reporter, Thailand representatives proposed to close all sessions for media and all delegations backed this initiative.

Reporters are protesting against this decision. According to the current information, all sessions will remain closed for media representatives, the CBW reporter noted.

It should be noted that foreign media agencies spread information about expected restrictions several times, including The Huffington Post, which in August was reporting about expected restrictions for high-ranking officials too.

The Huffington Post also refers to the article published by the Daily Caller: “Prior to ratification of arguable global tobacco tax, reporters, including me, were threatened and forced to leave the advisory room. Next day, World Health Organization expelled journalists from sessions. This happened in Moscow in 2014”, the edition reads.

As reported, WHO holds tobacco control conference every two years as part of FCTC convention.

The Delhi conference opened on November 7 and will close on November 12.

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