Coca Cola Bottlers Georgia is Set to Enter the Financial Market

TBILISI(BPI)- Since 2018, Coca Cola Bottlers Georgia will start preparing for  entering  the financial market – the head of the company Temur Chkonia says.

The businessman notes that the group is actively working on this now and will announce  the launch of security issuance in the nearest future.

“Our company exists for 25 years, we have conducted  international audits more actively in recent years, and as soon as  the final results are available, we will start issuing securities. Coca-Cola is a public drink and I consider that pubic also must get a benefit from its revenue. Our companies, including Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, are working hard in this direction. Issuance of securities will be an additional financial resource for business development”, says Temur Chkonia.

Chkonia notes that  the company will  study the regulation in the financial market, and only after that will make a specific decision.

He believes that  the financial market has a great perspective in Georgia, but it takes a lot of time to fully form and develop it.

“It can hardly be considered that banks interfere with the development of the financial market, since the main problem is the lack of demand. There will be demand, there will be supply,” he explains.

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