WHO Admits Mistake- Georgia Takes 70th Place Instead of 1st by Polluted Air

TBILISI(BPI)- The World Health Organization (WHO) has admitted their mistake – if we believe in the report published by the organization in 2016, Georgia’s air was so deadly that it caused the most disease and mortality throughout the entire planet.

According to the organization’s previous estimates, in case of 100,000 people, Georgian air has killed 292 people every year, which is more than the global average.

This data was obviously wrong, as in the country where neither the production nor the chemical industry is developed, it is almost impossible for air pollution to reach such a scale.

By 2018, the organization corrected a methodological error, resulting Georgia moving to 70th from 1st place by death from air pollution. According to the updated statistics, 101 people death is caused per 100 000.


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ევროკომისიის მაღალჩინოსანი საქართველოს ავიასექტორის შესაძლებლობებს ეცნობა

თბილისი (BPI) – საქართველოში ევროკომისიის ტრანსპორტისა და მობილობის გენერალური დირექტორი ჰენრიკ ჰოლოლეი სტუმრობს. მან “საქართველოს …