New Mayor Promises to Simplify Issuance of Construction Permits

TBILISI(BPI)- Kakha Kaladze, new Mayor of Tbilisi, has met with about 30 representatives of construction and development companies. Besides technical regulations, at the meeting the parties also discussed bureaucratic barriers at Tbilisi City Hall.

Issuance of building permits takes a long period, while decisions are made easily in case of distinct companies, the private sector representatives noted.

Kakha Kaladze recognized that there are bureaucratic barriers in Tbilisi City Hall. He pledged the private sector representatives that bureaucratic barriers will be removed and issuance of building permits will be simplified.

“The New Mayor pledged that bureaucracy level will decrease and issuance of building permits will be simplified”, Archi Group founder Ilia Tsulaia said. The head of Association of Developers also made emphasis on bureaucracy in the city hall.

“Bureaucracy should be reasonable, adequate and just. The law must be equal for everybody”, Irakli Rostomashvili said.

The development sector representatives also requested that the city hall tighten a number of standards.

“Besides amplification, all of us are discontent with the current appearance of the capital city. Besides simplification, we also ask for tightening certain regulations. It is inadmissible to raise similar ugly buildings in the center of Tbilisi. Municipal regulations should be tightened in this direction”, Lasha Papashvili said.