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“Kazbegi” Founder Sees the Risk of Limiting Local Production due to Construction of Heineken Brewery in Georgia

TBILISI(BPI)-Some Georgian producers of beer see a threat in building   “Heineken” beer factory in Georgia.

“Kazbegi” founder Gogi Topadze notes that a total of 4 large companies are operating on Georgia’s beer market. They are : Kazbegi, Natakhtari, Zedazeni and Castel. Any from these two companies can fully cover Georgia’s demand for the beer. Therefore, Topadze  cannot understand why it became necessary to bring a  foreign company to the  Georgian market and  thereby limit the production.


“In Georgia  22 liters of beer are brewed per capita, while in Germany -120 liters, but there’s another culture there, there is not a wine culture, we have a wine country. From October when wine is available for sale, beer sales halve, “- Topadze says.

According to the businessman, “Heineken’s” entry will dramatically decrease the domestic market.


“Zedazeni” founder Ceaser Chocheli differently assesses  “Heineken’s”  entry into the market. In his words, this fact will not pose any problems to the Georgian producers. Moreover, he expects even beer sales growth.


Corporate Director at “Natakhtari” Nikoloz Khundzakishvili learnt about  the construction  of “Heineken” brewery from “Commersant”. He says he was not aware of the information and refrains from evaluating.


“Commersant” exclusively learned that “Teliani Valley”  is planning to build “Heineken” brewery with the financial support  of “Bank of Georgia”. For this purpose the bank has approved the loan. Construction of the plant will commence in Natakhtari.

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