How Delonix Georgian Startup Of Wooden Watches Plans to Position Itself on Competitive Market

TBILISI9BPI)- Delonix is a startup of wooden handmade watches. The business was undertaken by friends of various professions.

Competition in the field is sharp and several companies produce similar products and each of them tries to stress their advantages. Beka Makharoblishvili, one of the founders of Delonix says that their product is simple with refined design. Soon the company will also introduce engraving services to make their products as unique gifts.

-The idea of creating Delonix was born in 2016. In that period I an my friends, Levan Kirtskhalia and Luka Makharoblishvili were students. Currently we have absolutely different professions. However, watches have long become our hobby. One day we were looking at new models of our favorite brand and we saw wooden watches of absolutely different style produced by Jord brand. We liked them very much and started thinking of producing wooden handmade watches with simple and refined design that would be affordable for Georgian consumers.

The market is saturated. What features make your startup special?

-The Georgian market research in our field outlined encouraging aspects. We discovered a quite competitive environment. I acknowledge that we have several serious competitors, who have recently undertaken their startups. To be frank, this is not bad at all. On the contrary, this is good, because healthy competition does not enable us to slacken and stimulates us for continuous development. As a result, all these factors will make positive effect on state economy and Georgian products will be popularized.