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GINO Green City Corporation to Build Eco City at Tbilisi Sea

TBILISI(BPI)-GINO Green City Corporation plans to build an eco city at Tbilisi Sea.

GINO Group and Partnership Fund have already signed several documents.

Eco Green city project calls for developing Tbilisi Sea territory. The project’s investment value is 700 million EUR.

The biggest project of GINO Group calls for building an ecologically clean city along Tbilisi Sea.

By 2030 Tbilisi Sea territory will be developed into a genuine oasis with all required infrastructural facilities: residential villas/ apartments, kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, entertainment-recreational zones with ecologically clean building materials. Renewable energy systems will be widely applied in the green city.

The company will launch construction works jointly with Partnership Fund. The Parties signed an agreement on cooperation August 31, 2017.


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