Did you know you can see flamingos in Georgia?

TBILISI(BPI)-Imagine a group of migrating pink flamingos crossing the blue sky above a green lake.

You don’t need to image because this rare sight can be seen in Georgia.

Every year in late October flamingos cross the Georgian sky in groups of five or six as they migrate towards the south in search of warmer climates.

Georgia is among only a handful of nations that are lucky enough to see flamingos in their natural environment.

Bird-watching enthusiasts need to go to the Javakheti Protected Areas in southern Georgia, armed with binoculars and climb a bird-watching tower and wait for the beautiful pink birds to appear on the surface of the Madatapa and Kartsakhi lakes.

Rangers of the Javakheti Protected Areas notice flamingos every year.

“Flamingos are very careful birds so it’s not easy to see them but this year I am going to stay in the area for the whole month until I catch an eye of them,” Administration Director of the Javakheti Protected Areas Tamaz Karapetiani told Agenda.ge.

Javakheti is the country’s top bird-watching destination; but birds are not the only thing adventure-enthusiasts love about Javakheti. This is Georgia’s top fishing destination too. More than 160 species of fish live in southern Georgian lakes.

More than 160 species of fish live in southern Georgian lakes. Photo by the press office of the Agency of Protected Areas of Georgia.

Tourists do not need to worry about binoculars or fishing rods beforehand; all equipment can be rented from the Protected Area’s Visitors Centre.

After fishing and bird watching until your heart is content, guests can end the day with a picnic immersed in nature, as the Protected Area offers special picnic area the public can enjoy.

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