Daily Archives: May 2, 2018

Smoking Ban will Badly Hit Private Sector

TBILISI(BPI)-Starting May 1, 2018 Tobacco Control Law will come into force. The law bans smoking, including electronic cigarettes, at various facilities. Smoking is banned at: Any building, public transport, excluding taxi and motorboat; educational facilities, libraries, youth camps, children entertainment centers and other buildings for underage bodies and their territories; public meetings for underage bodies. Smoking is also banned at ...

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Manager of Mcdonald’s Georgia Listed Among Top 10 Managers Worldwide

TBILISI(BPI)- Director of Mcdonald’s Georgia, Gldani Branch, Salome Kaladze, has been listed among McDonald’s managers worldwide. McDonald’s have an annual award ceremony to identify and celebrate their top 75 managers in Europe. There is an event for the winners and their immediate teams and this film was created as the closer to the live event. McDonald’s wanted to feature every one ...

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Kartli Wind Power Station Produces 9,365,860 kWh

TBILISI(BPI)- The electricity generated by “Kartli wind power plant” in April of current year and electricity supply amounted to 9 365 860 kWh, which exceeds 1 965 860 kWh forecasted in the preliminary month. “Kartli wind power plant” is the first project in the direction of alternative energy in Georgia and its installed capacity is 20.7 megawatt. The station was ...

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